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The emergence of a Travel Specialist

Merrill’s love of travel began when she boarded a plane for the first time in 1977 as a member of the first South African inter-racial ballet group, the Johannesburg Youth Ballet,  on  their way to perform at the acclaimed International Festival of Youth Orchestras and Performing Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

The 52-member group also performed at venues in Israel and London, England, giving Merrill her first experience of different peoples, countries, cultures and environments.  

In July 1981 she joined South African Airways as a flight attendant, flying internationally for 13 years, making the most of the travel opportunities that opened up for her.  


In 1995  she qualified as a travel agent and shortly afterwards was appointed as Travel Manager at Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN (PTY) Ltd. Her true passion in the travel industry was ignited in this role. Being able to manage the travel portfolio  and take care of her travellers’ wellbeing was everything she enjoyed.  

Subsequently,  Merrill held positions in various travel  sectors including car rental, payment solutions, insurance and travel management companies, all  adding to her overall knowledge and expertise in the industry. She has regularly featured as a guest speaker, sharing her knowledge with industry professionals and becoming well-established in the South African corporate travel industry.   

In 2013 she ventured back into the travel manager role at a large state-owned entity where it became clear how few people  understand what travel management incorporates.  

Her knowledge gleaned through her experiences have positioned Merrill as a truly global Travel Management Specialist.  Her curiosity to understand the innermost operational functions in each sector has given her the  exposure few individuals have had the privilege of acquiring.  

In April 2019, Merrill launched her own travel advisory company, choosing to focus on sharing this knowledge through the educating of companies’ decision-makers on  the complexities of travel  so they can properly manage company travel programs. These must follow procurement principles and governance best practices  to be effective and efficient.    


Travel Management

Contract Management

Data & Reporting

Training and development


Travel Advice


Business travel management, incorporating both corporate & public sector travel, is a complex area which requires specifalist knowledge and expertise. Let the experts assist you and support your business, either through outsourced contract management or through development of your own team.

Mission statement

Merrill’s mission is to inform and educate company decision makers on the merits of managing a formal business travel program.  Where companies do not have a program in  place, her company will provide such a service on a contractual basis. 


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