About Us

I am Merrill Isherwood,  the Managing Director of Merrill’s Travel Company,.

My commitment to the travel industry is exemplified in the tributes to me from  many travelers  I  served through the years in a career which has spanned more than thirty years.

I served in South African Airways for thirteen years, travelling the world.  I then  trained as a travel agent, and later moved into global business travel management.  I excelled in travel governance, compliance and risk management.

I am certified in Procurement and Supply Chain through CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply ), formalising my knowledge of this specialised commodity.  

I served as Travel Manager & Specialist on two very large travel accounts, countless medium to large companies and  SMME’s.  organisations, and have worked in several global travel management companies. These include American Express and BCD Travel.  Several years were spent honing my car rental knowledge at Avis and Hertz, with periods spent in a card, payment company and immigration giving me an extensive all-round knowledge of the travel industry.  

My expertise  covers a range of skills, including tender writing, adjudication + evaluation, governance, compliance, travel and risk policy writing,,   optimising operating procedures, service level, contract and supplier management.

I am seen as a leader in this field, regularly appearing as keynote speaker at international travel forums. 

In 2016 I consulted to the South African National Treasury on the formulation of their national travel policy framework and minimum bid specifications for all public sector entities. 

Mission statement

My mission is to educate corporate decision-makers on the merits of implementing a formal  travel program.  This will greatly reduce risk, costs and resources.  By bringing governance and risk management inhouse, where it belongs, drastically reduced costs and greater control will emerge.  

The benefits of optimal efficiencies and effectiveness through strategic management of their travel program will astound the company management team.