Travel Management

A formal travel program must have concise travel and travel- risk policies, standardised, streamlined operating procedures and comprehensive supplier management through formal SLA's and contracts. This ensures reductions in costs and risks, whilst enhancing traveler satisfaction

Contract Management

A clearly defined, properly managed contract ensures clarity of responsibilities of parties concerned

Data & Reporting

Comprehensive travel data and reporting enables monitoring & measurement of the travel program


Travel training is critical for travel bookers or administrators, procurement practitioners, cost centre, finance or senior finance managers and senior executives. Their understanding of this commodity is critical to it'ssuccess

Supplier Management

Supplier management is a key aspect of any travel program. Mutually beneficial working relationships between the client and suppliers create an optimal environment conducive to a successful program.

Risk Management

A clearly defined travel risk policy and plan ensures protection for travelers and the organisation in terms of operational, physical, financial and reputation risk

Travel Tenders

Travel tenders need a specific skill and intense knowledge of the subject, for all aspects, including writing, adjudication or evaluation. Invitation to participate in tender adjudications and evaluations are able to be extended to Merrill Isherwood as she is known to be a specialist in the this complex commodity

Relocations to Australia

A move to a new country, can be a daunting exercise. Specialist assistance & support for your move is available through our expert guidance