Training & development

Development and upskilling for the required services is key.  Full training provided. 

Training is offered to any individual or company who needs detailed knowledge on travel management, including details on each sector. 

The below list is an indication of, but is not limited to,  the training modules which are available. 

  • Air Travel
  • Car Rental
  • Transfers & Chauffeur Services
  • Accommodation
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Payment Solutions
  • Travel Technology
  • Travel policy development
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) development
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Developing a consolidated accommodation / supplier program
  • Supplier Development
  • Contract Management
  • Tender Evaluation 
  • South African public sector governance
  • Corporate governance
  • Procurement principles in travel
  • Negotiation Skills

          Who would benefit from the training?

  • Procurement / Supply Chain professionals
  • Travel Bookers / Co-ordinators
  • Travel managers
  • Finance Teams
  • Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Travel approvers
  • TMC Account Managers
  • TMC Sales Executives
  • Any individual who touches travel in  a company

Invest in yourself or your team to ensure they have the required skills to aptly manage the travel programs for which they are responsible. Operational teams must understand these requirements, as must travel approvers. People processing bookings  create the output data. Once they know the impact and potential consequences of incorrect capturing they will be far more careful with their input of information.

Procurement practitioners must understand the complex commodity they are responsible for managing.  Do not be shy to admit you don’t know the travel products and services, that is why training is becoming available to you.  Contact Merrill for all your travel training and developmental needT