Data & Reporting

Is travel data Greek to you?  Don’t know what info you need to analyse your travel spend?  

Are you lost when it comes to understanding travel data and how it can support your travel program decisions and policies? 

Let me simplify this for you, reduce your workload and enhance your enjoyment of managing your company’s business travel expenditure …

The provision of accurate and meaningful data is critical to the success of any travel program.  

Even the smallest company’s travel spend is important so the data can be checked for accuracy of all travel volumes, analysis can be done to follow trends, consequence management can be meted out to the relevant parties where necessary and most importantly, decision-makers can make informed decisions based on fact.  

All travel companies / bookers should, at the very least,  be able to provide statistics to their clients on  the following:

  • who is travelling
  • where they are travelling
  • why they are travelling
  • Order numbers must reflect
  • value of spend
  • breakdown of net vs gross expenditure and taxes 
  • spend
  • days advance for booking requests
  • which consultant / booker did the booking

If you are not able to provide this, please contact Merrill